Why can I only book until 10 pm on a Saturday night? Due to the facility being located in a valley, sound will carry and our neighbors like to sleep at night. We are flexible until 11 pm for clean up if your group is behaving themselves and having fun. This is up to the owners.

Do I need to use table coverings? Yes, any time the tables are being used you must use some sort of table coverings. We DO NOT provide them for you. You can either rent/buy linens or buy a roll of plastic table coverings to use. Makes cleanup easier for you at the end of the night.

Are tables and chairs provided? We have enough tables and chairs for approximately 200 people. That is a total of 20 eight foot rectangular tables and 11 five foot round tables. These tables are to be used inside for food/appetizers/wedding gifts/cake, ect or outside for your guests.  If you want to rent different chairs or tables, that is up to you. When you come in for setup, you will place the tables and chairs where you would like them on the patio or on the grounds. At the end of the evening, they will need to be brought back in to the barn to be put away.

What if it rains? You can rent a tent to put in the south yard or plan B set up tables and chairs upstairs in the barn. The upstairs holds approximately 65 people for a sit-down dinner. People will take turns eating. It does work. Others have done it.

Can my family make the food or can I choose any vendor that I want? Yes, your family can make the food or if you need help deciding which vendor to choose we will be happy to give suggestions based on what your menu is. No S'mores through, problem with hot marshmallows besides aren't they really a camping thing not a wedding thing?  See Vendor page, sorry still in progress. We do reserve the right to approve vendors. Please ask before booking a vendor.

Can we bring our own beverages? Yes, you provide all beverages that you want to serve. Bartender is required.  No glass bottles allowed from the bar except the toast bottle can be on the head table. Kegs of beer are preferred over bottles or cans.  We have two built in taps for your convenience. We do not allow liquor only beer and wine.  Guests won't get as drunk and you are responsible for them due to you providing the alcohol and you serving it.  We have had a problem in the past with drunk people trying to put away our tables and chairs and damage happening.  We don't want have to charge you for this damage. We also require a bartender, I did say that already didn't I.

Can I bring my pet? Sure, as long as you don't mind them getting into the pond or they won't run off. They are a part of your family and are welcome.

Can we swim in the pond? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our insurance won't allow this, but if you'd like to catch and release fish, that is okay. Young children must be supervised.

Will the Meadowood staff be on site during the whole event? Most of the time we will be arround to assist or advise you as needed. We are never more than 5 minutes away. Our cell phone number is posted on the back bar if we are needed.

Do we have to provide our own firewood? No, we will provide it and maintain the fire for you during your event.

Do you help with parking? Yes, we will make sure that your guests are parked so they can leave whenever they want. They won't get blocked in.

After booking my event, can I return with friends/family to look at it again? Yes, just call to set up a time and you are welcome to come back with family/friends to take pictures and make plans.

Are candles allowed? No, but a unity candle is allowed. We have had a problem in the past with them. We prefer you to use LED candles, no wax to spill. Also no fireworks including sparklers are allowed.

If your question is not listed here, give us a call and we'll be happy to answer them.

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