Meadowood Centre's season runs from June through the first weekend in October. Please call 419-886-1988 for available dates.  Still have September 16th available for 2017. We only book 12 Saturday wedding a season.  If you are interested in 2018 give us a call.

The rates can vary with the day of the week.  Four hours on Friday evening (ie: 5pm - 9pm or 6pm - 10pm) and 12 hours (from 10am to 10pm) on Saturday is $2500 for 2018. Guests are limited to no more than 200.  

Call for 2018 Sunday rates. Guest are limited to no more than 125. Weekday evenings are available. 

We do charge a cleaning/damage deposit of $300 for each event that we will be happy to return to you as long as the place is reasonably cleaned up and no damage is done.  We have very strict rules about NOT using confetti, wax candles, glitter, hay or straw bales, bird seed or anything that will hit the ground. They are NOT allowed. 

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